넥서스원 RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MCR r6 Port [v1.1] Sense/Apps2ext/FMRadio/BT [07/28/10]


RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MCR r6 Port v1 Features:

- Based on the Sense 2.06 (FroYo) MCR r6 Desire Rom Thanks Paul
- Rooted with Superuser 2.2.2 by ChainsDD & CM
- adb remount permission added
- BusyBox,nano,Bash Scripts added
- Unsecured boot.img
- Percentage Battery Ring Symbol
- Apps2ext3 by Modaco (some apps needs a reinstall)
- Full De-odexed framework (for theming support!)
- Full Zipaligned Rom (optimized Ram handling)
- Working FM Radio (only with the preinstalled Kernel !!!)
- Bluetooth works for me (A2DP Tested)
- No Graphical glitches
- Espresso Themed (Light)
- Modded Original FroYo Sense LockScreen
- StatusBar from Desire untouched
- build.prop Optimized for the New Radio
- build.prop Optimized for HQ Audio & Video Recording & Playback (Prepared for 720p)
- build.prop Optimized for the Best 3g Signal and Faster 3g Switch
- Rom Optimized for AutoKiller
- Max. Download & Upload Speed
- Lime Green Modded [Nexus Dev] Bootscreen (My own Version for Rodriguezstyle Romz)
- RoDrIgUeZsTyLe VideoDriver V5 800x480 @ 26 FPS Recording (and Prepared for 720p)
- CamDriver Optimized: Jpeg Init. Quality to Max. from 90% to 100% (Compression Off)
- Cleanup of not needed files and Lines
- Samsung/Sense/FroYo/Starfield/Xtra LWP added
- Custom Lock/Unlock Sound
- Gain Optimized Keypress & Video/Photo Sound
- Default Keybord & HTC_IME modded & added
- EVO 4g Ring/Alarm & Notification Soundfiles added to the Nexus Stock ones
- New System Soundfiles
- Market 100% Fixed
- WiFi Status indicator added
- Full Working Adobe Flashplayer beta3
- Chrome to Phone added (Desktop Version Needed) Chrome Browser & FireFox Browser
- System apps Located Now in data/stockapp
- Low Space is a full Packed Sense Rom.. Try a Reboot...
- Tuning by Cleaning...
- Full Data/Cache Wipe Needed !!!
- Long First Boot !!!

RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MCR r6 Port v1.1 Changelog:

- Full Data/Cache Wipe needed !!!
- Low Space on Phone Memory Fixed (Now 98MB Free Space on Phone)
- GPS Fixed
- WiFi Fixed
- very fast E/H(3g) Switch
- Now works with my LimeMod v3.5 Fix build.prop (Better Signal,Fast Up & Download Speed)
- A2SD Reworked (Reinstall not working Apps)
- APN "Looks" Fixed
- Cam not fixed we jump directly to 720p Recording
- Faster, More Stable as v1
- Plurk Removed
- still long first boot for Apps2ext users

Added & Reworked Apps:

- Digital Clock added (Themed)
- Logger added
- Terminal Emulator added
- Flashlight Alerts added (Thanks to rdude)
- New NetMeterLED added with Options = Charging LED as CPU Status Indicator.. Like your HDD status LED on your PC (Thanks to britoso)
- Call Blocker added
- Samsung/Sense/FroYo/StarfieldXTRA LWP added
- Full Working Adobe Flashplayer beta3
- Linpack
- Autokiller
- WiFi Status indicator
- Chrome to Phone
- USB Mount widget

Removed Apps:

- Amazon app
- Titanium Backup
- WaveSecure
- Secure app
- Not Needed HTC Apps

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